Projects Completed

Our Group companies have successfully handled the following prestigious projects in the recent past

  • INTERMILLS Paper Mills Project ex Malmeady, Belgium to India
  • SREE GANESHA PAPER MILLS Project ex Tisnov, Czech Republic to Hyderabad, India
  • LOTT Paper Mills Project ex Oberachern, Germany to India
  • BRIDGEWATER Paper Mills Project ex Ellesmere U.K. To MAF Paper Mills, Bangladesh
  • M REAL PAPER MILL PROJECT to PT Media Antarkota Jaya Paper Mills, Indonesia
  • SRI VINAYAKA Paper Mills Expansion Project ex TAS Paper Tasmania to India
  • GANESHA SUBRAMANYA SHIVA SATYA PAPER MILLS expansion project ex Tisnov, Czech Republic to Hyderabad, India
  • PAPETERIES MATUSSIERS PAPER MILL PROJECT, ex Turckheim, France to Karachi and Jebel Ali
  • CARTIERA DI VILLORBA PAPER MILL PROJECT, ex Villorba, Italy to Karachi
  • EL DAR PAPER MILL PROJECT, ex Meldorf Paper Mills, Germany to Egypt
  • MEKABOX PAPER MILL PROJECT, ex Papeteries De Veuze, Magna-Sur-Tourve, France to Indonesia
  • BAILING PLANT PROJECT, ex PAAL Gmbh Germany to Zenath Paper, UAE
  • UPM PAPER MILL PROJECT, ALBBRUCK, Germany to Pakistan and UAE
  • BFAN BOPP MILL PROJECT, Leige Belgium to Synergy Films Pakistan
  • CHAM PAPER MILL BOILERS, Cham, Switzerland, to Madina Sugar, Pakistan
  • SABER PAPER MILL PROJECT, Balsthal, Switzerland to Indus Paper Boards, India
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